If you have magically found your way here, welcome. Firstly, Happy Birthday, hopefully you’re taking a day off from your mad schedule and enjoying yourself.

Secondly, this is your Birthday blog. People have left little messages for you, have a look through, there are some really sweet ones that hopefully will make you smile. It’s a safe and moderated blog for you to look at, should you desire to do so. However, the main aim for this blog was to rally the Gatiss troops and raise some money for Charity. 


On behalf of all your fans we’d like to say Happy Birthday, please click here for your ‘Birthday Present’

At the time of posting the total amount raised for LLGS including gift aid is an incredible £1354.21

If you have a few (and we really do mean a few) moments, the video will explain a little more about what went on here and what we’ve done for your birthday.

We hope you have a wonderful day.

Everyone who isn’t Mark,

We’ve said it all in the video, but from the bottom of our little hearts, thank you. We couldn’t have made this work without you guys, without your generosity, donations and complete support. You’re the ones who made this a success and we are forever in your debt. Your donations are really going to go far for a really worthwhile charity, so thank you. Enjoy the warm altruistic feeling in your hearts.

If you are reading this and would still like to donate, never fear, there’s plenty of time. The donation page doesn’t close until November. 

Just as an extra (caused by the fact that neither Holly nor Jess have the ability to keep a straight face for more than five minutes,) here is the Blooper ReelMark we didn’t say you could click that. Stop.

Dear Mr. Gatiss,

Wishing you a truly happy birthday! You and your amazing work has provided me with so much entertainment over the years, and I just wanted to say thank you. You’re an inspiration to so many people out there for a lot of reasons, and your sense of humour is just wonderful. So once again happy birthday, and all the best!

Kind regards,

Heidi, Australia.

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and thank you xxx

- Lucia (mitarashi8)

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Dear Mr. Gatiss,

Happy birthday!  Thank you for having the ambition and the drive to pursue what you love and for sharing it with the world.  Your work is incredible, whether it be writing, acting, producing, etc.  You are a man of many talents and you provide masses of entertainment in each thing you do.  It will never cease to amaze me how you can cause someone’s heart to break through your script writing (*cough* Sherlock and Doctor Who *cough*), and then completely change the field and make us cry with laughter with comedy, such as displayed in the League of Gentlemen.  As someone living outside the UK, it can be difficult to get my hands on a lot of your works.  Hours are spent trolling the internet looking for videos, or managing to catch something on late-night telly!  Hours very well spent.

You’ve also sparked an interest in me for horror films and writing.  I’ve always been too much of scaredy cat to watch horror films, which is odd considering that since I was about seven or eight, my writings for school were all dark.  According to my grade 2 teacher, I wrote a story about a beach and a murder and it gave her goosebumps!  But following your Tweets about horror movie suggestions, you’ve inspired me to get over my petty fears and enjoy the horror films.  They really are fantastic!

You are also an inspiration to many.  Not only to those wanting to pursue a career in writing/acting/entertainment in general, but most certainly to those of us in the LGBT community.  You’ve achieved this not only through your brilliant involvement with LLGS, but just generally your attitude and personality.  As a teen coming to terms with her sexuality and not really having an idea of what life will be like down the track because of it, it’s great to have an adult like you who has come so far, and who many don’t even know you are gay.  You’re not known by the public as ‘that gay writer’ or ‘that gay actor’.  You’re ‘that man who writes/acts so well. What a talent’ and I think that’s very important and gives many younger LGBT people who aren’t so sure of what the future brings for them hope that not only can they achieve success, but their sexuality doesn’t have to be some kind of label that hangs over their head and is what they are automatically associated with.

Anyway, enough dribbling on!  Have a great birthday!  Spend it with those you hold most dear.  Good luck with your up-coming projects, but don’t forget to have some time to yourself and to put your feet up!

Sorry it’s been wordy!  

Thanks again for everything,

Madie, 18, Australia

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We wish you a very Happy Birthday. 

We’re nearly a year old now and we’ve had an incredible year. Thank you.

You’ve got a busy few months coming up and we’ll be right behind you, eager to see what you’re spoiling us with this time.

Good luck for The Tractate Middoth, Ghost Writer, An Adventure in Time and Space, Sherlock Series 3, and of course, Coriolanus. We hope next year will be as successful for you as this one was!

All our love to you, Ian and Bunsen.

Have a fantastic day.

The Guild x

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Dear Mr Gatiss,

Happy birthday!  Thanks for all the amazing works you’ve provided us with.  Thanks for the time and dedication it takes to pursue your career.  It’s much appreciated by all of us.  It’s hard to get a lot of your works here in Australia, but the hours of searching on the web for them are definitely well spent.

You’re also an inspiration and evidence that if you follow your dreams, you can achieve them.  Not only that, but the work you do with LLGS is inspiring as well.  You are an inspiration to LGBT youth who don’t know what the future holds because of our sexuality.  You haven’t let it be a roadblock, and a lot of us look up to you, so thank you so much.

Enjoy your birthday!  Spend it with people you love and relish in ‘Mark Gatiss Day’!  

Thank you again!

Madie. 18, Brisbane, Australia

PS - Your horror film recommendations on Twitter are absolutely perfect!  Another wonderful passion of yours which inspires others to look into!

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Dear Mark Gatiss,

Happy Birthday, ugg, Happy Birthday ugg,

Worms and germs fill the air,

People dying everywhere,

Happy Birthday, ugg, Happy birthday, ugg.

Sorry if that seemed dark, but my mom would recite that to make my sister and I giggle on our birthdays. It’s really just a silly poem.

I do hope your birthday is happy and healthy and filled clean air.

Yours Truly,


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devsfan55 said:
Happy Birthday Mark! Best wishes for the year ahead! Much love! -Ingrid
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Happy Birthday Mark!

Have a very Happy Birthday Mark and many more! Love from a fan of Doctor Who and Sherlock  in Naples, Florida - Debra    :-)

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johnsconsultingmoustache said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK GATISS! I hope you have a wonderful day today, and every other day, and I hope you and Ian spend many happy years together (causing diabetes in everyone who sees your sweetness).

Happy Birthday, Mr. Gatiss!  Thank you so much for everything you do.  I love your writing and acting.  You have a wonderful sense of humor as well.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday.


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Anonymous said:
Dear Mark, I will never be able to thank you enough for all you've done for me and many others like myself. In all honesty, you saved my life and for that I shall be eternally grateful. You are in my eyes the most magnificent man there has ever been. I hope you have a spiffing day, you certainly deserve it. Happy Birthday!
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sethklee said:
Wishing you new socks and warmth on your date of birth!
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Dear Mark,

To say you are an inspiration to me is an understatement. Your work is absolutely fantastic in all its forms and I hugely admire you as a person as well as an artist. I hope you have a lovely birthday. Claire X

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Dear Mr. Gatiss
There are so many wonderful things to say about you, that even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to fit them into a simple message. Let me just say that you are one of my biggest inspirations for writing and acting. I hope to work with you some day, pray I’m lucky enough. You are amazing and I sincerely hope you have a great birthday and have the awesome and successful life you deserve, always in company of your loved ones. Happy birthday. 
All my love 
Vivian Grey

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